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Being a member of our congregation means you are willing to join in the work of our mission by sharing your own gifts and talents.

Historically, membership has been a database and ledger kind of thing.  We are not interested in that.  A member is someone who is actively involved in the worship life and ministry of the congregation.  We encourage you to dive in head first and discover the community that we are trying to build here.  Some days it may seem like joining a crazy family, but over the long haul, being a part of a community of faith is what gives us joy, strength, courage, and hope.

Each one of us lives and strives toward this everyday as individuals and as a community.  We have pooled our gifts and talents into ministries that serve one another and the larger community.

Because of our service-driven mission, your membership comes with the benefits of a faithful network and support system, opportunities to grow and nurture your faith, and a sense of belonging to a family of children of God.

Talk with an elder to learn about a membership class and to share your intent to be a member.