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We believe the Bible.  The Bible is the basis of our worship and our lives.  From it we are nourished and are given the energy to serve and worship God. 

We believe that all people are sinners and that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die on the cross for our sins; that Jesus rose from the dead, and is now our mediator with the Father, returning visibly on the last day to judge all men.

We believe that God will accept all who repent of their sins and by faith accept Jesus as the only true way to eternal life.

A summary of our faith is contained in the three historic, basic creeds:

  • The Apostles' Creed
  • The Nicene Creed
  • The Athanasian Creed

and in the three confessions from the Reformation:

  • The Heidelberg Catechism
  • The Belgic Confession
  • The Canons of Dort

all of which focus on the key truths and teachings of the Bible.

For more information on these Creeds and Confessions or for more information on the Christian Reformed Church denomination as a whole, please visit